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When a company rebrands, it's important to ensure that all aspects of the business are aligned with the new identity. This includes customer service tools (CST), which are critical for maintaining good relationships with customers and providing them with effective support. However, in the case with Varo, the CST did not follow the new brand style and instead had the style of the old brand. This was an opportunity for the design team to improve upon the current CST and align it with the company's new identity.

The old, maybe current CST. Pretty decent design, kept the old design guidelines though. Even though this was created with the refreshed design.


The problem was that the current CST did not align with the new company branding, it had an older style that was different from the rest of the company and offered a limited functionality. This posed a risk to the company's customer relationship, as it did not give a consistent experience to the customers. Additionally, it was not as effective as it could be.

Redesigned comments for important departments

Presented Solution

I proposed alternate designs for the CST, which aligned with the new company branding, offered better functionality, and improved the user experience. I shared my designs with the design team and with a following of co-workers who enjoyed my designs.

Personally, not a fan. But I was working with the official design guidelines provided by Varo.


Unfortunately, I was not able to finish the proposed designs and implementation of the proposed CST fully. I had other responsibilities, and I started overwhelming myself with my free time and work time. But still, I was able to complete some elements and shared them through the company's suggestions channel on Slack. And some of the elements were taken and implemented in the CST, but I couldn't determine which element(s) were implemented or the impact of the design change.


This case study highlights the importance of aligning customer service tools with a company's new branding. The proposed designs for the CST showed potential to improve the customer's experience and align with the company's new identity, but due to some limitations, I was not able to fully implement it. The company implemented some of the suggestions, but the details of the impact of the design changes are not available.