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The Problem

There are a lot of people who wear smartwatches everywhere they go, like the Apple Watch. These same people have bank accounts and budgets to follow, without a way to securely transfer funds or check account balances without their phones. Why? Isn't it obvious that we need to check this information in the easiest and fastest way possible?

Why haven't companies embraced the smartwatch? Shouldn't we design and create products that utilize all devices, including smart watches?

The Solution

My work on the Apple Watch app was done on my own time and then presented to the company as a whole. The CEO of Varo gave me a shout-out on Slack and that week's All Hands Meeting. I was in many meetings with some C-Level Executives and other management to discuss this app, as well as career development opportunities.

To this day there is no fully functioning prototype (that I am aware of), and I no longer work for Varo. I dream of returning and working on it when I have received more experience and as the company matures.

However, the solution remains;

"A simple banking app on a smartwatch that allows you to transfer money securely.”