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In my role at Accounting Analytics, I was tasked with updating the website for the National Association of Public Bookkeepers (NACPB). Despite being a respected professional organization, the NACPB's website was in dire need of attention, with outdated technology and a disorganized layout causing frustration for both customers and staff. I took on the challenge and spent over a year researching and understanding the organization, ultimately developing a new web experience.

Find the Solution

Simple, right? Turn the cash cow into a gold elephant. Almost literally.

Working with this client was a prime example of the challenges that come with trying to execute a vision that is not in alignment with the best practices and expert advice provided. Despite our team's efforts to present solutions that were data-driven, user-centered and industry compliant, the client's lack of understanding of key concepts such as marketing, design and user experience, coupled with a stubborn attitude made it difficult to achieve the desired outcome. Despite the collaboration with multiple departments, the final result was a website that was a mere reiteration of the client's previous website, albeit built on a different platform. While it is disappointing that the project did not yield the expected results, it is a valuable learning experience and serves as a reminder to always advocate for the best user experience and industry standards in client relationships.

The original Hero of the Landing Page

I have included this project in my portfolio because it represents a significant learning experience for me and I am proud of the work I accomplished. Despite the challenges, I developed my skills and gained valuable knowledge. Additionally, I designed and implemented a complete Learning Management System and backend using various tools such as Wized, Xano, Webflow, Airtable, Typeform, and Make. My goal was to create a comprehensive community and support system.

Finalizing the Work

The real solution that everyone was looking for is an LMS. That can be solved really fast by opening up a Teach:able account and running everything thing through there. Boom, solved. Or maybe not. Not every company has a solution that will benefit their market. Usually because they built their product to do one thing great. Teach:able does that, if you are looking for a quick solution that doesn't allow a lot of control.

I'm ambitious and love learning new tools. But I also get overwhelmed a lot, feeling like a jack of all trades, making me a master of none. That's how the NACPB LMS was born. It's nothing special, just a way for people to log in and view their learning progress, as well as reap the small benefits of an overpriced membership.

The new portal experience

The previous customer portal was confusing and difficult to navigate, causing frustration for customers. One major issue was that customers were promised discounts for purchasing a membership, but the discounts were not easily accessible within the portal. The new portal addresses this issue and offers additional features such as the ability to view exam results, receive a virtual certificate, a directory/profile system to assist in finding freelance job opportunities, and the ability to purchase courses at a discounted rate. These improvements have been made possible by utilizing the Wized 2.0 platform developed by [Finsweet].