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The Problem

I have been scouring the internet for almost a year looking for icons that help explain Accounting terms. Not even Intuit themselves has icons for accounting and bookkeeping. What a huge problem! Problem or not, that created a very fun project for me. I started diving into design.principles, and Medium articles to learn iconography design methods. I created a 24x24 grid and gathered tons of inspiration from Bēhance and Dribbble, which is a rabbit hole that is way too easy to get sucked down. I ultimately ended up using Material Icons as my main source of inspiration.

The Solution

As you can see in the image above, I was able to create an entire family with basic guidelines for icon design. I used a 24x24 grid with a 2px border. I have OCD so I used a 1px grid with a nudge of 0.5px. I created some rules for rounding corners and then tested each icon up to 512px to make sure it maintains a similar, or same weight.

This icon pack grows each week as I continue to maintain the websites for Accounting Analytics. One of the main plans is to make sure certain icons look better at 24x24, while maintaining the style.

I went through a lot of names for this pack. I wanted it to scream Utah, but feel friendly. I tried naming it after several National Monuments and Parks. But nothing fit like a terrible name with an even worse spelling. You can copy v1 of this icon pack in Figma by clicking the link to your right.