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The Problem

For nearly a year, I have been searching for icons to help explain accounting terms but to my surprise, I found that not even Intuit had created icons specifically for accounting and bookkeeping, this scarcity of resources presented a challenge. However, this presented an opportunity for me to explore iconography design methods and to develop my design skills. I researched design principles and read articles on Medium, I then created a 24x24 grid and collected inspiration from various sources such as Behance and Dribbble. I finally settled on using Material Icons as my primary source of inspiration for the project.

Available on Figma

The Solution

I was able to develop a comprehensive set of icons following a consistent design style. I employed a 24x24 grid with a 2px border and, to ensure precision and consistency, an additional 1px grid with a 0.5px nudge. Additionally, I established guidelines for rounding corners and thoroughly tested each icon at up to 512px to ensure that they maintained a consistent visual weight.

As the icon pack continues to expand, I will also continue to improve the overall design and consistency of the icons, with a focus on ensuring that they are optimized for display at small sizes such as 24x24 while still adhering to the established design style. Regular maintenance and improvement will be a key component in the ongoing development of the icon pack.

I explored various options for naming this icon pack. My goal was to capture the essence of Utah while also conveying a friendly and approachable tone. I considered naming it after various National Monuments and Parks in Utah, but ultimately none of these options felt quite right. I decided on a name that may not be traditional, but that fit well with the overall aesthetic and feel of the icon pack. You can access version 2 of this icon pack in Figma by clicking the link provided.